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Hello, I'm V.

I'm a graphic designer, editor, and writer in the tabletop games industry.

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I'm also available as a professional gamemaster and player. I've run sponsored and private professional games, been involved with countless streams and have been a part of ENnie award-winning podcasts.


Outside of my freelance work, I'm also the Non-Exec. Director of Creative and Communications for the Role Play Haven CIC, the UK's largest charity fundraising RPG clubs. 

I had my start in TTRPGs working for Modiphius Entertainment on lines such as Fallout: The Roleplaying Game, John Carter of Mars, Star Trek Adventures, and Homeworld: Revelations.  


Since becomming a freelancer, I've worked on a ton of projects in various roles; I was a graphic designer for Arcon City of Neon Daylight, a writer for Fallout: Winter of Atom, a proofreader for the Star Trek Adventures Lower Decks Campaign Book, and I'm the resident graphic designer for the Emporium of the Wayward Gamer twitch channel.

Whether you're looking for striking layout and graphic design, a keen eye to edit and polish your manuscript or something else within my expertise, my experience across several areas of the TTRPG industry means I bring a unique skillset to every project. I also have a background in project management and working with established brands, their IPs, and their key stakeholders. 


I'm happy to take on work from outside the tabletop industry and I'm occasionally able to offer discounted work for charity-related projects.

Need someone for a project?

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