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My Services

Although tabletop games are what I specialize in, I'm also available for graphic design work outside of the TTRPG industry.

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Graphic Design & Layout

If you need someone to bring the visuals of your project to life, I've got you covered. I've worked on everything from book layout to stream overlays, social media graphics to convention stands, branding and merch, and more.  Whether you need something original designed or someone to work with your existing designs I can handle it. 

I'm also experienced in managing teams of all sizes so if you need me to co-ordinate and manage other creatives as part of your needs, such as artists or other designers, I can do that too!

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Writing & Editing

I can help create style guides, polish up your manuscripts ready for publishing, or help create original content for your project. I've written, edited, and proofread on a number of tabletop RPGs. I'm an experienced line editor who can work on developmental editing, as well as standard copy editing and proofreading.

I've worked on several licenced products, with licensors such as Star Trek (CBS & Paramount), Fallout (Bethesda), Homeworld (Gearbox), and John Carter of Mars, ensuring their tone, canon, and style guides are built upon and kept correctly.

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Streams & Podcasts

If you're looking for someone to showcase your game or a guest to talk about TTRPGs, I've got the experience! I've run sponsored streams for companies to showcase their games, such as EN World's A.C.E system and Judge Dread, Black Cat Gaming's Cursed Captains of Cthulhu, and Modiphius' Star Trek Adventures and John Carter of Mars.

I've appeared as a GM and player in a number of streams and podcasts, including the ENnie award-winning Red Moon Roleplaying (Descent into Avernus), How We Roll (Rime of the Frost Maiden), and D&D Celebration 2021 (with the How We Roll Podcast). I've been a panelist for conventions and events, such as Dragonmeet and The RPG Academy's AcadeCon Online.

Professional GMing

I work as a professional gamemaster, running private campaigns online for groups looking for regular, high quality-games.

If you want to hire me for a private game for your group you can reach out to me directly. To see if I have a seat open in my public games, click below!

Interested in working with me?

If you're interested in my services, want to see what I can do for you, or have questions about how I can help with your projects, click below to contact me.

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