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“Virginia's overlay work is amazing, but more so, she has an uncanny ability to really understand the intent and get a feel for what I was after. She will take your concept and give it life in ways you didn't think possible”


- Kurt Venetis


Create a twitch package for the second season of Champions of Eclypsia, a D&D 5e campaign run by Kurt Venetis on the Emporium for the Wayward Gamer twitch channel. 

I previously designed the overlays for the first season of the show, and for the second season the client requested a darker theme in a purple colour palate, and to continue building on a fire theme that had already been established.


The title of the show features customized typography, with the tip of the A opening up into a flame, something initially designed in the season one overlays that the client wished to keep. I created a from-scratch fire animation with the title text in a purple tone that both resembles fire but also has a dark ethereal feel. The purple embers serve to reinforce the fire theme but also give a magical sense to the imagery. 

The core design is sleek and simple as the client requested making it easy to use across multiple scenes and as the background to the camera overlay scene. 


The player overlay is a standard five camera layout for use in OBS streaming software, and is a recolour of the original overlay I designed for the first season of the show. It incorporates character art by Brian Patterson. 


I was also asked to create two images for twitter promotion, one for the debut and one for the weekly stream. As the cast photos supplied were all shot with different backgrounds and lighting. I photo edited them together to adjust exposure, temperature ,and contrast as well as setting them against the same background in order for them to look harmonious within the layout. Cast photos are set within a purple flame ring, again recoloured from my original design from season one of the show. Many of the cast took to using these images as Twitter profile pictures during the show's run.

Twitter Image.png
Twitter Image PREM.png
Cast Photos.png
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