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“Working with Virginia this past year has been a blessing to our organization. She is truly one of the best graphic designers we have ever had. She is creative, hardworking, and motivated. She has helped us in more ways than one.”


- Jay Gellerman

Emporium for the Wayward Gamer, LLC


Create a twitch package for a season-long stream of the Blade Runner RPG for Emporium for the Wayward Gamer. The client specified they needed sponsor logos visible, wanted something to simulate police lights in a dark, rainy environment, and wanted the primary colour for the overlay to be red.


A peice of stock imagery approved by the client was used for the main background street scene. I used photo editing techniques to manipulate the image from a warm daytime scene into a colder nightime one with a rainy, dark enviroment. I then animated rain effect alongside revolving style emergency lights.

After Photo
Original Stock

The lone figure was created using a human model, which I then edited into the scene in the distance to create a focal point and sense of mystery and urgency. The motion graphic elements were designed to be subtle as it needed to be used behind the character overlay during play as well as a starting, ending, and intermission screen. In order to have the sponsor logos be visible, but feel part of the design, I styled them as neon signs on the fronts of the buildings. I then animated these to flicker occasionally, adding some subtle movement.


The overlay itself is a standard five camera layout for use in OBS streaming software, and keeps the same red chome effect as the title of the campaign. The sponsor logos are repeated on the title as the camera boxes cover much of the background.


I was also asked to create two images for twitter promotion, one for the debut and one for the weekly stream. I based these on classic movie posters and placed the cast names and other credits in a movie credits layout.  

Bladerunner Promo DEBUT v2.png
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